The Garden Island


Sep 23(1.) NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all creditors of AUTO RECYCLING CORPORATION (the "Corporation"), a Hawaii corporation, that Articles of Dissolution were filed with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs of the State of Hawaii. Pursuant to HRS §414-387, anyone having a claim against said corporation must give notice of the claim, including the name and address of the creditor, the date on which the claim was incurred, amount of the claim, the basis of the claim and a copy, if any, of any writing on which the claim is based, to the Corporation at P.O. Box (...) (End Date: Sep 29) (p1)
Sep 19(2.) Notice of Dissolution of D&Y Management, LLC Notice is hereby given that D&Y Management, LLC, a Hawaii limited liability company (the "Company"), intends to dissolve effective as of December 31, 2022 and intends to terminate its existence. All persons with claims against the Company are to present them in writing to the Company c/o Kevin Herring, Esq., Ashford & Wriston, LLLP, P.O. Box 131, Honolulu, Hawaii 96810-0131. The written claim must include the following information: 1) Claimant's full legal name; 2) Summary description and amount of the claim; 3) Date the claim arose; and 4) Contact Information, including claimant's address (...) (End Date: Oct 16) (p1)
Sep 12(3.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE is given that KAPHA North Shore LLC, at 641 5th Ave., #30-E New York, NY 10022, is dissolved. Creditors must present claims in writing to: c/o Craig P. Wagnild, Esq., at Lung Rose Voss & Wagnild, 700 Bishop St., Ste. 900, Honolulu, HI 96813. Each claim must include the full legal name of the claimant, a summary description of the claim, the date the claim arose, and the contact information, including address and telephone number of the claimant. A claim is barred unless a proceeding to enforce the claim is com-menced within two years after the (...) (End Date: Oct 3) (p1)