The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001025846-01
Public Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE OF LIEN SALE Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 507, "Part III, Self-Storage Facilities" of the State of Hawaii, the undersigned HY-PAC SELF STORAGE, 2150 N. NIMITZ HWY., HONOLULU, HAWAII 96819 WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS ON OR AFTER WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2017, AT 11 AM THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED PROPERTY TO WIT SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY MISCELLANEOUS HOUSEHOLD PERSONAL AND/OR BUSINESS ITEMS MONTERO, JERRY D. $401.80 LATIMORE, MICHAEL $401.80 HUTSON, ROSLYNN $433.20 BRADDOCK, JAMES $296.21 SHADE, MONTE S. $216.96 TAU, NATALIE $366.16 JESSE, ESAEL $336.84 CANTORNA, SHIELA MAE $312.75 ERAM, NANENA $278.20 JONES JR., ALFRED $278.20 LEVITICUS, ANTONIO $307.52 YOUNG, KELLY M. $270.90 YOUNG, CAROL J. $1396.56 CUBAN, LOKAHI $3469.84 IGNACIO, WENDELL M.K. $449.96 MYERS, ZANONI KIANA $600.72 FOCHT, MARTIN C.V. $600.72 STONEWALL, JENNIFER $449.96 SANTIAGO JR., RANDOLPH $554.64 YANUARIA, LEEANDRA $600.72 KELLEHER, THOMAS $1124.28 KALEIMAMAHU, LISA MARIE K. $977.68 DESSERT, DAVE L. $715.90 NASHON, HERBICH H. $637.99 WONG, CRAIG $1912.68 PALEKA-BORDEN, BEAU-HENRY $739.56 HUNDWIN, GARY $925.34 REAGAN, MICHAEL E. $794.45 MELVIN, BARBARA LEE $977.68 PENSION STRATEGIES, INC. $1187.10 Sale is for the purpose of satisfying lien of the undersigned for storage fees and lien costs together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. Each space will be sold as a complete lot. Open bidding. We reserve the right to reject and refuse any and all bids. Terms are cash or credit cards only and purchaser will be required to pay $100 cash deposit, refundable when locker is completely empty and clean. REGISTRATION STARTS AT 10:00 AM, ENDS AT 10:45 AM! Sale starts promptly at 11 A.M. No pre-inspection. Manager (SA1025846 9/6, 9/13/17)