The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001380683-01
Public Auctions

Notice of Public Auction

In accordance with Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 507-70 (Self Storage Facilities), notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell at public sale on the 12th day of August online at Proceeds will be used to offset the unpaid rent, storage fees and costs of sale owed to Ohana Self Storage located at 348 Puuhale Road Hon. HI 96819. The following is a brief description of property that may be sold: tools, clothing, beach & fishing equipment, camping gear, furniture, electronics, and other such effects of household nature. All purchased items are SOLD AS IS. Sale is subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between owner and obligated party. Kym Bohol $1096.31; Shonnia/Curtis Cidade $625.27; Jerry Devor $871.40; Diana Paita $2264.05; Ken Duckworth $849.68; Hethon Elky $1164.45; Naurenson Eram $740.75; Jenessa Gualdarama $901.64; Leon Jorge $2022.70; Jim Jose $901.51; KH Kaur $759.45; Reginald Kilaulani $504.84; Crystal Kintaro $1082.47; Lorlane Lagai $650.91; Paulo Legatasia $504.84; Gina Lista $1195.20; Carlos Lukas $1032.70; Chestino Luther $1639.35; Lynda McGeorge $610.16; Jonathan Meyer $406.29; Gina Halina Mojica $401.17; Gina Halina Mojica $740.44; Raymora Nika $1545.74; Gregory Otake $721.50; John Riddel $744.75; Foi & Tiffany Sanerivi $718.25; Edmund Semetara $1439.17; Kevin Shimabukuro $335.20
(SA1380683 8/2, 8/9/22)