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Notice #: 0001356664-01
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P. No. 18-1-0674; Estate of PETER KAHANANUI PASCAL III, also known as Peter K. Pascal III, Peter K. Pascal, and Peter Pascal, Deceased.

An informal Application alleging intestacy of the above-named decedent was filed on October 26, 2018, and JAYMI HARUKO KAJIOKA PASCAL, also known as Jaymi H. K. Pascal, and Jaymi Pascal, c/o Christy S. Matsuba, AAL, PO Box 114, Kalaheo, Hawaii 96741, (808) 626-5045, was appointed Personal Representative of the above-named Estate, without bond, in an unsupervised administration.
If any interested person has objection to the informal probate, he/she may file a petition for formal testacy proceedings within forty (40) days after the date of first publication of this notice; if any interested person desires further notice concerning the estate, including notice concerning the closing and distribution of the estate, the person must file a Demand for Notice pursuant to HRS § 560:3-204.
DATED: Honolulu, Hawaii, January 4, 2022.

R. So
Clerk of the Above-Entitled Court

Attorney for Personal Representative
(SA1356664 1/14, 1/21, 1/28/22)