The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001337077-01

NOTICE OF INTENT TO FORECLOSE INTERVAL OWNERSHIP INTERESTS AND OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the terms of the Timeshare Declaration that the following timeshare interests more particularly described in the lien(s) referred to in Schedule “1” will be foreclosed upon by the foreclosing agent, First American Title Company on behalf of Ko’Olina Beach Club Vacation Owners Association, a Hawaii nonprofit corporation by sale of property secured thereby at public auction on 09/09/2021 at 1:00 PM at Kapaolono Community Park, 701 11th Ave, Honolulu HI 96816, on the sidewalk on the corner of Kilauea Ave and 11th Ave. Each of the properties to be sold is a Timeshare Interest at Ko Olina Beach Club established by certain Declaration recorded as Doc. No. 2739367 in the office of Bureau of Conveyances or Assistant Registrar of the Land Court, State of Hawaii and as amended and which property is located at 92-161 Waipahe Place, Kapolei, HI, 96707. The Timeshare Interest as noted on the Notice of Lien, which has been filed against the record owner as consists of delinquent maintenance fees, (plus interest, late charges, and collection and enforcement costs). Terms of the sale are: (1) No upset price. (2) Property sold without covenant or warranty, express or implied, as to the title possession or encumbrances; (3) At the close of the auction, Purchaser shall pay 10% of the highest successful bid price (“Bid”) by certified, or cashier’s check to FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY as a non-refundable deposit; provided that the Association may submit a credit bid up to the amount of the secured indebtedness; (4) The property shall be conveyed by the Association’s quitclaim conveyance. Purchaser shall meet the following obligations: (a) Purchaser shall deliver a cashier’s check no later than 15 days after the auction, to escrow for the balance of the Bid; (b) Purchaser shall pay all closing costs including, but not limited to: costs of document drafting, notary fees, consent fees, escrow fees, conveyance tax, recordation fees and other charges, together with any special assessments which may arise under HRS 514B-146(g)(h)(i); (5) Purchaser shall provide the auctioneer with the selected names (vesting) and tenancy for title to the property at the conclusion of the auction; (6) Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining title insurance, if so desired, however, the availability of title or other insurance shall not be a condition of closing; (7) Time is of the essence in this transaction and any delay in performance by Purchaser which prevents the closing from occurring within 30 days after the auction shall cause the Association to sustain damages in amounts which will be difficult to ascertain. In the event the sale does not close because of any delay in performance by the Purchaser as herein stated, the 10% down payment may be retained by the Association as liquidated damages and not as a penalty; (8) If title is not conveyed to Purchaser for any reason, other than Purchaser’s failure to perform as specified herein, the Association’s sole responsibility shall be the return of the Bid funds tendered by Purchaser. The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the Association or its agents, attorneys, servicers and auctioneers; (9) The sale may be postponed from time to time by public announcement by the Association or someone acting on its behalf; (10) By submitting the Bid, Purchaser acknowledges reading the terms and conditions set forth in this notice and agrees to be bound thereby and sign a written acceptance of all terms herein. For further information regarding this sale, you must contact First American Title Insurance Company, a Nebraska corporation at (702) 304-7509. Conductor of the public sale in the state of Hawaii: AQUA LEGAL LLC on behalf of, First American Title, agent for Claimant; Phone: (808) 539-7504; Address: 1099 Alakea Street, suite 2430, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. Batch No: Foreclosure HOA 106081-KO129-HOA. SCHEDULE “1”: Lien Recording Date and Reference, Timeshare Interest (Contract No.), Owner(s); 12/16/2020 Inst: A76550520, KO*0302*31*E, KEITH FRANKLIN ADAMS and GEORGE G. DOSTAL, Trustee of the GEORGE G. DOSTAL LIVING TRUST DATED JUNE 29, 2011; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360413, KO*0403*49*B, DON LARRY REYNOLDS and SYBIL MARIE REYNOLDS; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360414, KO*0404*15*B, NANAE TSUSHIMA and KEIJI TSUSHIMA; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360426, KO*0405*16*B, KELLY MARIKO TANIZAKI; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360422, KO*0405*17*B, KELLY MARIKO TANIZAKI; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360467, KO*0411*11*B, FLORENCE D. JOHNSON; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360468, KO*0414*04*B, KAREN JEAN EXTON; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360480, KO*0414*05*B, KAREN JEAN EXTON; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360481, KO*0414*06*B, KAREN JEAN EXTON; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360484, KO*0414*09*B, KAREN JEAN EXTON; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360482, KO*0414*36*B, TIGER AUTO CO., LTD., A JAPAN CORPORATION; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360491, KO*0417*35*X, TOSHIYASU IWAO; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360437, KO*0422*17*B, DON LARRY REYNOLDS and SYBIL MARIE REYNOLDS; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360479, KO*0517*07*X, RUBEN CORONADO SAN JUAN and JOSEFINA CUEVAS SAN JUAN; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360514, KO*0517*10*E, MARIA ISABEL MUNSON; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360515, KO*0520*09*B, NORMAN D CLYDE and PHYLLIS W CLYDE, Trustees of the NORMAN D CLYDE FAMILY INTER VIVOS REVOCABLE TRUST AGREEMENT, DATED JUNE 1, 1974; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360516, KO*0520*22*E, STEPHEN (NMN) LEVINE and TORI (NMN) LEVINE; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360596, KO*0606*37*B, DENNIS JOHN LOOS and LISA CAMILLE LOOS; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360512, KO*0613*35*E, HIROKO KIKUKAWA and TOMOKO YASUDA and SHIN KIKUKAWA and NOBUKO HARADA; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360521, KO*0614*33*B, CHARLES JAMES NOESEN and ROSEMARIE CAROL NOESEN; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360523, KO*0617*30*B, TAKAO (NMN) ESAKI and MARI (NMN) SHIBA; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360529, KO*0621*14*B, TADAYOSHI ITOHISA and AYAKO ITOHISA; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360530, KO*0621*17*B, BRIAN STANLEY CLARK; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360531, KO*0622*26*E, MARTHA ANN GOTTFRIED; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360532, KO*0622*36*B, RONALD CORNELIUS COLMAN and JUNE WILLIAMS COLMAN; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360549, KO*0703*50*X, MICHAEL ANTHONY BINDI and JUDITH ANN BINDI; 07/20/2018 Inst: A67750004, KO*0705*24*X, MARTHA ANN WUCHNIC; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370571, KO*0712*04*E, CARL RUSSEL MOYER and MARILYN DEAN MOYER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370590, KO*0721*31*E, THERON H. MURPHY, Trustee of the MURPHY FAMILY TRUST, DATED MARCH 9, 1989; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370619, KO*0806*30*X, JEFFREY P. STOCKER and MICHELLE M. STOCKER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370621, KO*0806*37*B, DENNIS JOHN LOOS and LISA CAMILLE LOOS; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370635, KO*0812*22*X, BRUCE ALAN SCHMID and LINDA DIANE SCHMID; 11/18/2020 Inst: A76270683, KO*0820*20*X, AVARX HOLDINGS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, an Arizona Limited Liability Partnership; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360575, KO*0822*08*X, GREGORY GUY MINSON and MARGELIZA RAGASA MINSON; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360585, KO*0906*51*B, YUKIKO (NMN) HASHIMOTO and DAISAKU (NMN) HASHIMOTO; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360731, KO*0914*32*X, RONALD STEVEN BLAUL and MARY KAY BLAUL; 09/11/2020 Inst: A75590555, KO*0919*09*X, JOEL RICHARDS SWETT; 09/11/2020 Inst: A75590556, KO*1004*41*B, FRANCISCO JAVIER ROSETTE and MARTHA (NMN) PRIETO; 09/11/2020 Inst: A75590557, KO*1004*42*B, FRANCISCO JAVIER ROSETTE and MARTHA (NMN) PRIETO; 09/29/2020 Inst: A75770475, KO*1006*41*B, YOUNG-MOO SHIN and ZHI XIANG KEVIN SIEW and JUNG-EUN SHIN and HYUN-SHIL KIM; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360746, KO*1006*44*B, DANIEL ROBERT LINAHON and JULIA YVONNE LINAHON; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360747, KO*1011*29*B, RICHARD JEROME ARNS and SUSAN JANE ARNS; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360752, KO*1013*02*B, RICHARD PAUL GRIEGO; 12/16/2020 Inst: A76550521, KO*1017*42*E, AVARX HOLDINGS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, AN ARIZONA LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360612, KO*1019*46*B, DAVID ALLAN GREFE and LISA MALONEY GREFE; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360615, KO*1103*40*B, MILDRED JUANITA LESURE; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370365, KO*1111*17*B, CHRISTOPHER EDWARD FOGG and KATHIE SUE FOGG; 05/22/2020 Inst: A74470644, KO*1111*19*B, SCOTT ANDREW TOTH and TRACY JO TOTH; 09/11/2020 Inst: A75590558, KO*1112*34*E, JOEL RICHARDS SWETT; 09/11/2020 Inst: A75590559, KO*1112*34*X, JOEL RICHARDS SWETT; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360757, KO*1115*16*B, LOUIS RAYMOND WISINSKI and DEBRA JO WISINSKI; 11/18/2020 Inst: A76270682, KO*1204*13*X, KEITH FRANKLIN ADAMS and GEORGE G. DOSTAL, Trustee of the GEORGE G. DOSTAL LIVING TRUST DATED JUNE 29, 2011; 05/11/2020 Inst: A74360766, KO*1211*02*B, CHARLES MITCHELL HART and LISA MARIE HART; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370396, KO*2123*46*X, SACHIKO (NMN) YAMAJI and NAOMI (NMN) NAKAJI and YUKA (NMN) YAMAJI and YUKINAO (NMN) YAMAJI; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370372, KO*2131*31*B, MARILYN LOUISE STAGGS; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370373, KO*2202*15*B, BENJAMIN HENRY PESTER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370375, KO*2206*33*E, MUNEYASU (NMN) MAEDA and HARUKA (NMN) MAEDA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370380, KO*2218*14*B, ICHIRO KAWAHARA and YURI KAWAHARA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370392, KO*2222*33*B, MARVIS LINWOOD THORNTON and AQUENDA LORANE THORNTON; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370393, KO*2223*11*X, JOYCE ANN CATE and BRUCE MARSHALL CATE; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380421, KO*2231*05*X, NAUNANIKINAU ANTOINETTE KAMALII, Trustee of the THE NAUNANIKINAU KAMALII REVOCABLE TRUST DATED JUNE 16, 1997; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370415, KO*2303*29*B, KAREN BISCAHA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370424, KO*2306*32*B, OAK PARK PARTNERS, A ARIZONA GENERAL PARTNERSHIP; 02/21/2020 Inst: A73560669, KO*2307*24*E, KEVIN RAYMOND DECKER and BERNESSA (NMN) HOWELL-DECKER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370426, KO*2311*35*X, MARYANNE (NMN) HARBISON and BRIAN SCOTT KELLER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370431, KO*2318*05*X, KOICHI OGURA and CHIE OGURA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370432, KO*2318*44*B, DAISUKE SAGAWA and HONAMI OKADA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370433, KO*2318*46*B, SHEILA O’LEARY-THORKELSON and THOMAS LLOYD THORKELSON; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370448, KO*2322*31*X, PABLO CABOTAJE FACUN and MARIA BERNADETTE FACUN; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370404, KO*2330*18*B, EIICHIRO FUJIMURA and KAORU FUJIMURA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370403, KO*2330*49*E, NAUNANIKINAU ANTOINETTE KAMALII, Trustee of the NAUNANIKINAU ANTOINETTE KAMALII, TRUSTEE OF THE NAUNANIKINAU KAMALII REVOCABLE TRUST DATED JUNE 18, 1997; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370402, KO*2403*19*X, JACINTO VILLEGAS PARAS and OLIVIA PERALTA PARAS; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370407, KO*2407*07*B, SHORYU (NMN) TANIMOTO and KIWAKO (NMN) TANIMOTO; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370418, KO*2415*01*B, DONALD (NMN) LOVETT and LAURA (NMN) LOVETT; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370419, KO*2415*02*B, DONALD (NMN) LOVETT and LAURA (NMN) LOVETT; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370421, KO*2415*21*B, PETER MATTHEW HELMS and WENDY WILLIAMS HELMS; 12/16/2020 Inst: A76550523, KO*2418*51*B, TERUHITO SANO and YURIKO SANO; 05/16/2019 Inst: A70750141, KO*2426*30*B, AKIRA HAGIUDA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370458, KO*2427*36*B, PAUL KOMPAUER and KATHLEEN DIANNE KOMPAUER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370509, KO*2502*41*B, DAVID BRUCE SMITH and RUTH ELLEN WILTSHIRE; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370508, KO*2503*07*B, JOSE ANTONIO LANUZA and MARIA CARLA LANUZA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370521, KO*2503*08*B, JOSE ANTONIO LANUZA and MARIA CARLA LANUZA; 10/21/2020 Inst: A75990761, KO*2503*44*B, GILBERT CUEVAS GUERRA and VICTORIA LYDIA GUERRA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370523, KO*2507*03*X, WILLIAM R. DREHER and RACHEL LEE DREHER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370498, KO*2515*03*B, LULUMAFUIE (NMN) FIATOA and DORENE FAAMANU FIATOA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370496, KO*2518*18*B, PHYLLIS HEINSOHN MILLER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370568, KO*2523*35*E, MARYANNE HARBISON and BRIAN SCOTT KELLER; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370604, KO*2526*03*X, HIROKO KIKUKAWA and TOMOKO YASUDA and SHIN KIKUKAWA and NOBUKO HARADA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370602, KO*2526*18*E, STEVEA SMITH and TINA MICHELLE SMITH; 12/23/2020 Inst: A76620437, KO*2527*20*B, RITARO YAHAGI and KAZUKO TANIGAWA and KANA YAHAGI; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370601, KO*2531*22*B, DENNIS JOSEPH DELUCA and KAREN ANN DELUCA; 04/02/2020 Inst: A73970620, KO*2603*29*E, ROMEO GARCIA BEZA and MARIA ISABEL BEZA; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370674, KO*2603*32*B, YOSHIFUMI MORIMOTO and MISA MORIMOTO; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370707, KO*2619*48*X, RODOLFO RIOS, JR. and YOLANDA RIOS; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370710, KO*2622*28*X, LINDA WEISE and PHILIP JOSEPH WEISE; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370714, KO*2626*12*X, JENS KARSTEN MICHAEL and NICOLE IMBILLI MICHAEL; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370715, KO*2626*32*B, MICHAEL JOSEPH WARREN and DEANNE ALLYNE WARREN; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370720, KO*2631*52*B, RICHARD LUKE COGLON and HEIDI MARIA COGLON; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370721, KO*2702*33*B, TADAYUKI TAKAYANAGI and TEPPEI TAKAYANAGI and KUMIKO TAKAYANAGI and YUSUKE TAKAYANAGI and MINOBU TAKAYANAGI; 05/12/2020 Inst: A74370744, KO*2719*33*B, ALEJANDRO MALVAR GANTALA and LEONORA RAMOS GANTALA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380435, KO*2722*25*X, DAISUKE FURUYA and MIYUKI FURUYA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380436, KO*2726*06*X, KIYOSHI INOUE and ITSUKO INOUE; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380438, KO*2726*12*B, NEIL ARMSTRONG and TINA ARMSTRONG and EILEEN ARMSTRONG and RONNY ARMSTRONG; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380444, KO*2802*33*X, RANDALL CRAIG GREGSON; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380445, KO*2806*21*B, JAMES DENNIS KENNEDY and BONADELE FORD; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380455, KO*2811*22*E, JOHN KIALOA KAAWA and PAULETTE KALEONANI AKIM and LYNETTE KAPUAIMILIA KAAWA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380481, KO*2902*26*B, WILLIAM JOSEPH BRENNAN and SUSAN LORI BRENNAN; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380496, KO*2914*50*B, ANVIR BEAUTY CONSULTING CO., LTD., A JAPAN PARTNERSHIP; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380510, KO*2918*02*B, JAE-YOUNG LEE and SEO WOO LEE and BYUNG YONG LEE and BYUNG HOON LEE and BYUNG MOON LEE and CHOON-JA AHN; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380618, KO*3002*15*B, KOICHI (NMN) OGURA and CHIE (NMN) OGURA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380653, KO*3006*22*X, CRYSTAL DELORIS WILLIAMS; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380695, KO*3007*42*X, MARTHA ANN GOTTFRIED; 12/16/2020 Inst: A76550692, KO*3106*13*E, JOEL RICHARDS SWETT; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380406, KO*3106*33*X, HARUSATO (NMN) AKENAGA and EMI (NMN) AKENAGA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380424, KO*3107*41*B, ADAM NAVA LOPEZ, III and REIKO LIZA LOPEZ and ADAM GUERRERO LOPEZ, II and DRUSILA NAVA LOPEZ; 02/13/2020 Inst: A73480334, KO*3107*50*B, LARRY FORREST NICHOLAS and PAMELIA LYAL CHRISTIAN; 10/21/2020 Inst: A75990688, KO*3210*42*X, RICHARD GEORGE DAHMEN and ROBERTA DAHMEN; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380475, KO*3210*43*B, AKIRA HAGIUDA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380488, KO*3218*33*B, BRADLY SCOTT MANUEL and MALTIE CLAIRE CLIFFORD; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380505, KO*3222*29*B, TAKUYA IKUSHIMA and AYUMI IKUSHIMA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380501, KO*3226*09*B, YUJI KODA and HIROE KODA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380523, KO*3226*52*B, Anvir Beauty Consulting Co., Ltd., a Japan Partnership aka Avnir Beauty Consulting Co., Ltd., a Japan Partnership; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380522, KO*3406*38*B, NORISHIGE TAKIMOTO and MIHO TAKIMOTO; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380519, KO*3419*45*B, CHARLES ANDREW WINSER; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380534, KO*3515*08*B, JOHN B. EASTMAN and DONNA KELLY EASTMAN, Trustees of the EASTMAN FAMILY REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST DATED JULY 5, 2006; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380554, KO*3518*04*E, JUN HASEGAWA and KAORI HASEGAWA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380599, KO*4210*03*E, JACOB HENRY SAMUELS; 05/16/2019 Inst: A70750266, KO*4214*17*E, ROGER CRAIG HALL and KATHRYN LEIGH HALL; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380632, KO*4223*30*X, KIYOSADA TSUJI and YASUKO TSUJI; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390459, KO*4223*32*X, HIROSHI BABA and SHOKO BABA; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390475, KO*4227*08*X, KIYOSHI KATAGIRI and YURIKO KATAGIRI and NORIO KATAGIRI and RISAKO SAITO; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390489, KO*4231*11*X, YUICHI YOSHIDA and YUMIKO YOSHIDA; 05/15/2018 Inst: A-67090895, KO*4315*34*X, WILMA JEAN HIGBEE; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390531, KO*4318*51*B, DAVID CHARLES MARTIN and KELI THERESE MARTIN; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390308, KO*4330*09*X, HAYAMI IKEDA and KEIKO IKEDA; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390375, KO*4338*37*E, YOSHIHIDE HIGASHIO and KEI HIGASHIO; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390376, KO*4406*04*B, KEIKO IMAI and YUMI IMAI; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390337, KO*4406*05*B, KEIKO IMAI and YUMI IMAI; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390341, KO*4419*13*B, VINESH GUPTA and ANJALI TYAGI; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390371, KO*4502*16*B, JOHN DAVID HATCH; 12/16/2020 Inst: A76550524, KO*4502*51*B, BYUNGSOO KANG; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390385, KO*4503*36*E, SACHIKO YAMAJI and YUKA YAMAJI and NAOMI NAKAJI and YUKINAO YAMAJI; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390400, KO*4511*03*X, ALPHONSO WASHINGTON and ANGELA MARIA WASHINGTON; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390408, KO*4515*03*E, SAKHONE HOANG MENDIGORIN and SALVI AQUINO MENDIGORIN; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390410, KO*4518*36*X, MAYA WATANABE; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380737, KO*4606*13*B, MITSURU YOSHIDA and TAKUMI KURAMOCHI and SUMIKO YOSHIDA and SATOSHI KURAMOCHI and DAICHI KURAMOCHI and YUKI KURAMOCHI; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380742, KO*4606*45*E, TORU IMANAGA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380750, KO*4611*47*E, MEGUMI ADACHI and MAMI ADACHI; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380753, KO*4614*25*X, TAKURO YOSHINAGA and CHIHO YOSHINAGA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380757, KO*4615*43*X, GIBEOM NAM and EUNJU LIM; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380761, KO*4619*34*E, TOMOTAKA KITAHARA and EMI KITAHARA; 02/21/2020 Inst: A73560670, KO*4707*22*X, SHOJIRO TAMURA and YUKIKO TAMURA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380796, KO*4906*22*X, TOSHIAKI KAMEYAMA and SUMI KAMEYAMA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380798, KO*4910*04*X, HONGJIN LI; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380799, KO*4911*05*B, CHERIE LAVONNE CARLSON and WILLIAM EVANS CARLSON; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380801, KO*4911*50*E, HISAKO DANJO; 02/21/2020 Inst: A73560671, KO*5010*23*B, RAYMOND JUNIOR MOHRING and PATRICIA LILLIAN MOHRING; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380812, KO*5019*09*B, AKIO KOGA and AZUSA KOGA and TAKAKO KOGA; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380821, KO*5107*45*E, GENCO INC., A IOWA CORPORATION; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380822, KO*5110*43*B, TAKESHI YUKAWA and YOSHIKO YUKAWA; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390350, KO*5111*45*E, MANABU TAKAGI and KANA SUGIURA; 05/14/2020 Inst: A74390290, KO*5211*21*E, MAYUMI NAKAMOTO; 05/22/2020 Inst: A74470646, KO*5219*31*X, THOMAS ALLEN ERNST and CARROL ANN ERNST; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380567, KO*5414*13*B, YUJI KANEKO and TOMOE KANEKO; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380624, KO*5427*25*X, YOSHIO KAWABUCHI and NAO KAWABUCHI; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380668, KO*5430*08*B, YUJI KANEKO and TOMOE KANEKO and TOMOHARU KANEKO; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380669, KO*5434*39*E, KAZUKI MORIMOTO and SATOMI MORIMOTO; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380699, KO*5514*10*B, TIMOTHY W. SHAW; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380700, KO*5515*16*E, PAUL KOMPAUER and KATHLEEN DIANNE KOMPAUER; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380739, KO*5519*47*E, MINORU ISHII and SONOKO ISHII; 05/13/2020 Inst: A74380741, KO*5618*51*B, RICHARD LUKE COGLON and HEIDI MARIA COGLON.
(SA1337077 8/12, 8/19, 8/26/21)