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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing its tentative approval of the revisions to the State of Hawaii’s Public Water System Supervision (PWSS) Program, the EPA-approved program that oversees drinking water facilities in the State. The State of Hawaii adopted verbatim the federal Radionuclides Rule found at 40 C.F.R. §§141.25, 141.26, and 141.66, and EPA has determined that these revisions are no less stringent than the corresponding Federal regulations. Therefore, EPA has decided to tentatively approve these program revisions.

Any interested party may request a public hearing. A request for a public hearing must be submitted before September 13, 2021 to the Regional Administrator (RA) of EPA Region 9, via the following email address: Please note “State Rule Primacy Determination” in the subject line of the email. The RA may deny frivolous or insubstantial requests for a hearing. If EPA Region 9 does not receive a timely and appropriate request for a hearing and the RA does not elect to hold a hearing on her own motion, this determination shall become final and effective on September 13, 2021, and no further public notice will be issued. A request for a public hearing shall include the following: (1) the name, address, and telephone number of the individual, organization, or other entity requesting a hearing; (2) a brief statement of the requesting person’s or organization’s interest in the determination and of information that the requesting person or organization intends to submit at such a hearing; and (3) the signature of the individual or the signature of a responsible official of the organization or other entity.

All documents relating to this determination are available for inspection online at In addition, documents relating to this determination are available for inspection between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except official State holidays, at the following address:
Hawaii Department of Health, Safe Drinking Water Branch, 2385 Waimano Home Road, Uluakupu Building 4, Pearl City, Hawaii 96782;

For further information, contact Anna Yen, EPA Region 9, via telephone: (415) 972-3976; email:
(SA1330319 8/12/21)