The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001254875-01
Public Notices

Communities Served: Statewide

Effective on or after January 27, 2020, the following Local Radio channels will no longer be supported if you currently have a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA):

KDNN channel 851; KCCN channel 852; KUCD channel 853; KDDB channel 854; KINE channel 855; KKNE channel 856; KPOI channel 857; KPHW channel 858; KRTR channel 859; KHPR channel 864; KIPO channel 865; KTUH channel 866; KSSK channel 867; KQMQ channel 868; KHJZ channel 869; KUMU channel 870; NOAA channel 880; KHVH channel 881; KPHI channel 882; KORL channel 883; KKEA channel 884; KHKA channel 885 and KZOO channel 888.

If you have a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) and want to continue to have access to these channels, you will need to swap your DTA for a Spectrum Receiver. Call Spectrum at 643-2100 or visit your nearest Spectrum Store to learn about the benefits of upgrading your TV equipment.
(SA1254875 12/27/19)