The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001240731-01
Funeral Notices


To my dearly departed Mary D. My wife, my best friend, and my partner of over 33 years.

It has been two years since your passing and my heart still aches with the loss of your physical presence. Though the memories of our years together are slowly dwindling, they will surely not be forgotten.
You have sent me through our spiritual communication, many songs telling me its time to move on.
"I wish you health, but more then wealth, I wish you love," makes it very clear that you want me to move on in life. "Sing it loud so i can hear you, makes it easy to be near you," tells me how much you still love to be serenaded. "Come take my hand and walk thru this world with me," tells me that you will always be there to guide me. In return, I am sending you a song to convey my never ending love for you.

"Just remember me in the darkness of the night, that conceals the love that I intend to steal away."

Your ever loving husband, "Aku" V.K. Wright