The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001152398-01
Abandoned Property

Legal / Public Notice / Tow Lien
Notice is hereby given that the following listed vehicles, after being towed and unclaimed pursuant to Chapter 290-11, Hawaii Revised Statutes, will be either disposed of or sold at Ace Towing Service, 1040 Makepono Street, S.I. Disposal date will be: December 08, 2018.
DG439 NISSAN JN8AR05SXWW247282, TDF938 VOLKSWAGEN 9BWFK61J424054238, SZU663 TOYOTA JTDKB20U363185153, TFC526 DODGE 1B3EJ56H2YN228059, FDR778 MAZDA JM1NA3516L0130343, JXJ644 NISSAN JN1CA31D91T610561, SNP668 SATURN 1G8AZ52F15Z129712, A10386 BAODIAO (MOPED) L2BB9MCA5JB806071, A06899 JONWAY (MOPED) L8YTCAPF9EYC80437, Z02915 NINGBO (MOPED) L4YTAAB56EAB00968, RYP038 NISSAN 3N1CN7AP0DL861323, GWY004 MAZDA JM1BC1414W0240783, GWV897 TOYOTA JT3VN29V0S0056996, NNC885 TOYOTA 2T1AE09BXSC135148, TDZ995 MAZDA 1YVHP84C165M65698, NJF402 DODGE 1B3ES56C44D521916, A02791 BAODIAO (MOPED) L2BB9NCA0GBC18001, GRA827 MAZDA JM1BC1417V0128476, TBY916 OLDSMOBILE 1G3AM19E6FD400515, SSG846 HONDA 1HGCM66573A052877, GWY356 TOYOTA JT3GN87R2X0094383.
(SA1152398 11/27/18)