The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001142147-01
Public Auctions

Acct # 10115
Public Auction Notice of Abandoned Property

NOICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned will sell at public sale by competitive bidding on or after October 27, 2018 at 9:00am on the premises where said property has been stored, and which is located at OHANA SELF STORAGE, 348 PUUHALE RD, HONOLULU,HI 96819. Registration 8:30am to 8:50am.
Rudolfo Ramones:$771.33, Aifan Onamwar:$771.33, Eldwood Kaumeheiwa:$386.16, Kinena Amitaro/ Maleka Thomas:$833.74, Tyler Lagai:$866.15, Christopher Bossy:$775.44, Sheila J. Autry: $596.92, Gail K. Mizo:$843.74, Rudolfo Ramones:$771.33, Tambra Ortiz:$469.84, Alyce Pena/Early Alexander:$945.67, Brandon Muse:$785.44, Blythe Lipman Barry Pitel:$812.56, Irwin Bookhart:$738.32, Kala’au Caves:$879.68, Kinena Amitaro:$1526.35, Moses Kamakapiali/Kakalia Smythe:$1590.56, Terson A. Lugwig:$1407.40, Kilmenis I. Chiren:$1516.35, Kintin Namelyina:$953.90, Tuiana Smith: $607.73, Kerto Kastian:$1360.85, Chavez-Godinez Refugio:$1108.10, Daniel Delgado:$1577.08, Stephania Willander:$1175.20, Kane A. Vivas:635.78, Roxane Bega:$524.16, Taitifin T. Andon:$567.51, Michael Cabico:$587.51, Ancherin Sonis:$767.40, Jerson Fredrick:$933.90, Rene Jaramillo/Norma Woodie:$933.93, Robert Tancayo:$928.02, Robert Tancayo:$1199.50, Eter Bradly: Eter Bradly:$941.60,
ALL Purchased goods are sold as is, and must be removed at the time of sale. Sale is subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between Owner and obligated party.
Thank you,
Peter P. Pinto
If you have any question please call,
Ph. 841-6799
Fax 842-1197
(SA1142147 10/17, 10/24/18)