The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001137059-01
Public Notices


The City and County of Honolulu, in accordance with National Flood Insurance Program regulation 65.7 (b)(1), hereby gives notice of the intent to revise the floodplain and floodway, generally located along Kahauiki Stream between Kahauiki Makai Bridge (Funston Loop) and Moanalua Freeway. Specifically, the floodway will be revised from a point 300 feet downstream of Kahauiki Makai Bridge (Funston Loop) to the downstream edge of Moanalua Freeway. The revision results in: the floodway narrowing a maximum of 290 feet in the area about 30 feet downstream of Moanalua Freeway, the 1% (100-year) annual chance water-surface elevations increasing with a maximum increase of 0.83 feet at the downstream edge of Kahauiki Makai Bridge (Funston Loop), and the narrowing of the 1% annual chance floodplain with the maximum narrowing of 1,300 feet in the area 300 feet upstream of Kahauiki Makai Bridge (Funston Loop).

Maps and detailed analysis of the floodway revision can be reviewed at the City and County of Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting offices located at 650 South King street, or at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offices located at Fort Shafter. Interested person may call Mario Siu-Li (City and County of Honolulu Floodplain Manager) at 808-768-8098 or Michael Wong (US Army Corps of Engineers) at 808-835-4076 from 9 October 2018 to 9 November 2018.
(SA1137059 10/1. 10/2, 10/3/18)