The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001127752-01
Court Notices

FC-D No. 18-1-0836

To the Defendant: AKIRA ISHIKAWA, You are hereby notified that Plaintiff, Patricia Ishikawa, has commenced an action against you in the Family Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaii, FC-D No. 18-1-0836, requesting that the Judgment be entered against you for certain allegations made in the Complaint for Divorce. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED TO APPEAR in the courtroom of the Honorable Presiding Judge at the Family Court of the First Circuit, Ronald T. Moon Judicial Complex located at 4675 Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707 on October 18, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. Plaintiff asserts that the following orders should issue:

1. Decree. A Decree of Divorce is hereby granted to Plaintiff. The bonds of matrimony between Plaintiff and Defendant are restored to the status of single persons, and either party is permitted to marry from and after the effective date of this decree.
Minor Children. There being no minor children of this marriage, no issues as to child support or custody are involved.
Alimony. Neither party shall be required to provide support or maintenance for the other party.
Division of Property. The parties do not own any joint properties. Each party is awarded any and all of his or her own: 1) retirement plan(s), interest(s), account(s), and/or benefits, 2) life insurance policies, 3) personal effects, clothing and jewelry, 4) household furniture, furnishings and effects, 5) bank, checking, savings or credit union accounts, 6) stocks, bonds, securities, etc., 7) vehicles, 8) business interest(s), and 9) real property and neither party shall have an interest in, and expressly waives any and all right(s) to, any and all of the other party’s said property.
Debts. The parties have no joint debts. Plaintiff is awarded and assumes all responsibility for payment of and shall indemnify and hold Defendant harmless from, Plaintiff’s sole debts owing. Defendant is awarded and assumes all responsibility for payment of and shall indemnify and hold Plaintiff harmless from, Defendant’s sole debts owing, if any.
Taxes and Tax Consequences. With regard to tax year 2018 and subsequent tax years, income received by Plaintiff in 2018 and thereafter shall be taxable to Plaintiff, and income received by Defendant in 2018 and thereafter shall be taxable to Defendant. Each party shall be entitled to claim as deductions all interest, depreciation, taxes and other real property deductions actually paid by him or her in 2018 and thereafter.

In the event you fail to appear at the place/date/time indicated in this Notice, further action may be taken in this cause, including Judgment for relief demanded in the Complaint, without further notice to you.

DATED: Kapolei, Hawaii


COATES & FREY, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, LLLC (Micky Yamatani, Esq.), Attorney for Petitioner, Pioneer Plaza, Suite 1400, 900 Fort Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, Tel. No. (808) 524-4854)
(SA1127752 8/31, 9/7, 9/14/18)