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Notice #: 0001117888-01
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Burial Notice – Kawaiaha’o, Honolulu

NOTICE TO INTERESTED PARTIES IS HEREBY GIVEN that na iwi kupuna (human skeletal remains), were identified during the course of archaeological work for the Kawaiaha’o Church Multipurpose Center (MPC) Project adjacent to Kawaiaha’o Church at 553 S. King Street, Honolulu Ahupua’a, Honolulu (Kona) District, O’ahu (TMK: [1] 2-1-032:017 por.).

Following the procedures of Hawai’i Revised Statutes (HRS) Chapter 6E-43, and Hawai’i Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapter 13-300, the iwi are believed to be over 50 years old. An evaluation of ethnicity has been made by the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) and the burials are believed to be Native Hawaiian.

Background research indicates that these remains were discovered within a portion of the former Church cemetery. The Church cemetery was established in the 1820s. Iwi were found within or in the vicinity of certain former grave lots, as depicted on a 1920 Kawaiaha’o Church cemetery map, associated with names as follows: Lot 15 Mary Adams, Lot 16 Kinipeki, Lot 17 Mrs. Holstein, Lot 18 David Kanuha, Lot 19 Heu, Lot 20 J. Moanauli, Lot 21 Kekuahanai, Lot 22 Waiwaiole or Unknown, Lot 23 G. Wessel, Lot 24 Mauliawa, Lot 25 Kamaka, Lot 26 and Lot 27 Kuhiaopio, Lot 28 Disputed, Lot 29 Wm. Buckle, Lot 30 Pilali, Lot 34 Widow of F. Metcalf, Lot 35 Kawai, and Lot 51 Elena Kapena. The iwi found may have predated or postdated the association of these areas with these individuals. A total of 117 burials were disinterred from this project area in 1940 in the context of the construction of the former Likeke Hall.

An estimated 503 burials were recovered from the MPC project area between 2009 and 2012. Certain identifying information was associated with individual sets of iwi, including the names “Kaleo Kamahao” (Lot 18), “Julia Kamalalehua” (Lot 30), “Lilia Star” (Lot 28), “Hannah” (Lot 22), “Kimo’o” (Lot 19 or Lot 21), “KAAI” (Lot 19 or Lot 21), “Samuel Maikaalua Kanakanui” (Lot 20).

The applicant for this project is Kawaiaha’o Church, 957 Punchbowl St. Honolulu, HI 96813, Tel. (808) 469-3000 and the contact person is Ms. Lani Ma’a Lapilio, Tel. (808) 540-5741, e-mail

Proposed burial treatment will be determined by the O’ahu Island Burial Council in consultation with recognized lineal and/or cultural descendants, per the requirements of HAR Chapter 13-300-33. Appropriate treatment of the burials shall occur in accordance with HAR Chapter 13-300-38.

All persons having any knowledge of the identity or history of these burials are requested to contact Ms. Regina Hilo at the SHPD, located at Room 555, Kakuhihewa Building, 601 Kamokila Blvd, Kapolei, HI 96706, Tel. (808) 692-8015 or email

All interested parties shall respond within thirty (30) days of this notice and file descendancy claim forms and/or provide information to the SHPD adequately demonstrating lineal descent from these specific burials or cultural descent from ancestors who once resided, or are buried in, the same ahupua`a or district.
(SA1117888 7/27, 7/29, 8/1/18)