The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001094996-01
Abandoned Property

Legal / Public Notice / Tow Lien
Notice is hereby given that the following listed vehicles, after being towed and unclaimed pursuant to Chapter 290-11, Hawaii Revised Statutes, will be either disposed of or sold at Ace Towing Service, 1040 Makepono Street, S.I. Disposal date will be: May 17, 2018. PCF675 NISSAN 1N4DL01A8YC103571, HKP350 MERCEDES WDBHA23E3VA504674, A00105 BAODIAO (MOPED) L2BB9NCA0HB806012, AD3185 BAODIAO (MOPED) L2BB9NCA4HB209056, A06904 ZHONGNENG (MOPED) L5YACBPA1G1158866, AZIZ1 SUZUKI JS1GN7CA752112751, RSW222 MITSUBISHI 4A4MM21SX4E012272, NJW497 NISSAN 1N4AL11D84C128614, SNG481 FORD 1FTRW14W88FB11978, RNE006 AUDI WAUBK88C3SA002769, SVP558 NISSAN 1N4AL11D25C132059, PRE601 MAZDA JM1CR293570152491, A05408 JONWAY (MOPED) L8YTCAPF0EY702964, GRF921 TOYOTA 4T1BF12B0VU201386, W99759 DAIXI (MOPED) L37MMGFV8EZ060166, R33466 SHENKE (MOPED) L8YTAAPF19Y010014, RNE287 HONDA JHMCD5554SC028354, SRD455 VOLVO YV1MS682742019668, PSP512 NISSAN 1N6AA07D48N322517, NDT949 BMW WBAEV33472KL57784, NPV230 NISSAN 5N1BV28UX4N367389, R55042 NINGBO (MOPED) L4YTAAB59AA000122, N20614 VENTO (MOPED) 5KMMSG1Z955131087, PGD727 CHRYSLER 1A4GP45R46B538538, NSP864 ISUZU 4S2CK58W414325925, JCV314 TOYOTA 2T1CF28P4YC281648, PVC174 MITSUBISHI JA3AJ26E45U037065, 453XJZ YAMAHA JYARJ16E78A003332, RTE454 MAZDA JM2UF1137J0353766, JWS299 DODGE 1B3AS46C12D608159, RSN955 NISSAN JN1AS44D6WW105380, SCP994 HYUNDAI 5NPDH4AE0DH427893.
(SA1094996 5/7/18)