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Notice #: 0001060311-01
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SECOND CIRCUIT COURT NOTICE TO INTERESTED PERSONS P. No. 13-1-0191(1) ESTATE OF RICHARD COMBO BUEN, also known as RICHARD C. BUEN, Deceased A Statement of Informal Probate of Will and of Informal Probate of Personal Representative was filed in the Circuit Court of the Second Circuit, State of Hawaii, on or about November 13, 2013, informally admitting the last Will of the Decedent executed on April 6, 2005 to probate and informally appointing JANET Y. BUEN, whose address is c/o Scott C. Suzuki, Attorney-at-Law, 1013 Poha Lane, Honolulu, Hawaii 96826, as Personal Representative of the Estate. If any interested person has objections to the informal probate, that person may file a petition for formal testacy proceedings within forty (40) days after the date of the first publication of this notice; if any interested person desires further notice concerning the estate, including notice concerning the closing and distribution of the estate, that person must file a Demand for Notice pursuant to H.R.S. § 560:3-204. The Second Circuit court is located Hoapili Hale, 2145 Main Street, Wailuku, Hawaii 96793, DATED: Wailuku, Hawaii, December 20, 2017. V. ISHIHARA Clerk SCOTT C. SUZUKI Attorney for Personal Representative (SA1060311 12/30/17, 1/6, 1/13/18)