The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001053608-01

SUMMONS: CIVIL NO. 17-1-0335K IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRD CIRCUIT STATE OF HAWAII To: Defendants MARY KAMAKA MAUNU AH NEE; PATRICK KOON HUNG AIU; ALICE AIU; ANDREW KEAWE III; ANDREW KEAWE AIU JR.; ANDREW KEAWE AIU SR.; DANIEL AIU; EDWIN KAHOALII AIU; ERNEST W.K. AIU; EUGENE K. AIU JR.; EUGENE KOHALII AIU; HAROLD AIU; HENRY AIU; IMAIKALANI AIU; KANANI AIU; JULIET K. AIU; MAKANI AIU; MAVIS DEW AIU; MOHALA AIU; MOMI AIU; PIIMAUNA AIU; PUAALAOKALANI AIU; RAYMOND AIU; RODNEY E. AIU; STUART AIU; VICTORIA AIU; VELDA AKAMU; AUWE (k); LOUIS WILLIAM BILLETTER; WILLIAM JEFFREY BILLETTER; JOHN KAUPENA BUNKER; ANNIE BUNKER 2; JAMES BUNKER; MARTHA BUNKER; MARILYN K.Y.K CASTRO; NONI CLAYTON; DAVIANNE YOUNGBLOOD COLEY; JULIE KAIPOLANI DICKENS; JESS KAMIKI FOGLESONG; THERESA TERRY FUKINO; BRIAN ISOSAKI; PAUL P. KAAIALII; WILLIAM KAAIALII JR.; WILLIAM KAAIALII SR.; DAVID W. KAILI JR.; ANTHONY KAILI; EUGENE KAILI; HENRY KAILI; MARGARET AIU KAILI; VIOLET KAILI; GEORGE KAILIWAI SR.; KALELE (k) aka HORACE KALELE aka SOLOMON KALELE; REBECCA KALELE; SAMUEL KALELE aka SOLOMON KALELE; KALUA (k); KAMAKAINAINA I (w); KAMAKAINAINA II (w); EDWARD KAONA; JESSE KAONA; LUCY MAUNU KAONA; EUGENIE KAOPUA; MARGARET MAUNU KEAKEALANI; ROBERT S. KEAKEALANI; SHIRLEY ANN KEAKEALANI; MARTHA KHANNA; MINNIE KING aka MINNIE KAEO aka MINNIE AWEAU; MAUNA KUBOTA; ELIZABETH LEI LEONG; LESLIE KA`ALA LEWIS; CAROLY L. LIGHTNER; SHAROLYN P. MAUNU MACKENZIE; CAROLYN H. MAUNU-HENDRIX; ELIZABETH LANAKILA MAUNU; HERBERT KAUALOHA MAUNU SR.; MELVIN K.Y.F. MAUNU; MINNIE MAUNU; SAMUEL HARMONY MAUNU; SAMUEL KAMUELA MAUNU; SOLOMON MAUNU 2; SOLOMON MAUNU I; KEVIN MAKINNEY; ALBERT MIURA; GAYLE ROHNER; LINDA RUSSELL; MARIA SALINAS; JUANITA SASSER; CHARLIE SEDILLO; EDITH KAHAUNANI AIU SEDILLO; JOHN SEDILLO; MARIA SEDILLO; ANNIE SHUTTE aka ANNIE BUNKER; FLORENCE KAIPOLANI TAVERNA; ROBIN AIU WHITWORTH; ALMA AIU AKI CIRINO WONG; CECILIA LEILANI AIU WOOD; and Adjoining Land Owners/Servient Tenements: JAMES B. DUSEL; AARON W. EVANS; KEVIN MACLEOD GREENWELL; KIM SHEIL GREENWELL; ROBERT D. HENRIQUES JR.; JULIAN & JACKSON TRUST; KELLY J. MEDEIROS & TRICIA K. MEDEIROS TRUST; LEE TUDOR PATERSON & KAREN JUE TRUST; GUY C. MIRANDA; JERRAE A. MIRANDA; OHANA 64 LLC; PACIFIC RIM EDUCATION FOUNDATION INC.; PALANI RANCH CO. INC.; RONALD L. SMITH TRUST; COUNTY OF HAWAII; STATE OF HAWAII, their respective heirs and assigns and all persons unknown having or claiming to have an estate or interest in the real property described in the Complaint. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that Plaintiff PAULETTE KA’ALA ROBERSON has filed a Complaint in the Third Circuit Court, State of Hawaii, CIVIL NO. 17-1-0335 K to determine all claims adverse to, and to establish Plaintiff’s undivided fee simple title to a parcel of land identified as a portion of Apana 1 of Royal Patent 3022, being the ‘ili of ‘Elepaio, situate in Honokohau 2, District of North Kona, Island of Hawaii, and further identified as Tax Map Key. No. (3) 7-4-005-004, its legal boundaries, its partition, its rights of legal access, her award of cotenancy contribution expenses, and other relief as justice requires. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear in the courtroom of the Honorable Melvin H. Fujino, Judge of the above-entitled Court, in his courtroom located at 81-940 Haleki’i St. Kealakekua, HI 96750 on February 6, 2018, at 8:00 a.m. or to file an answer or other pleading and serve it before said day upon Plaintiff’s counsel of record, KANEOHE LAWYER, LLLC, whose address is P.O. Box 6288 or 46-109 Konohiki St., #3914, Kaneohe HI, 96744. If you fail to do so, judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. DATED: Kealakekua Hawai`i, November 21, 2017. (sigd.) Henrietta Chong, (SEAL) Clerk of the above-entitled Court. (SA1053608 12/22, 12/29/17, 1/5, 1/12/18)