The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001045228-01

KO49-HOA NOTICE OF INTENT TO FORECLOSE INTERVAL OWNERSHIP INTEREST AND OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes § 514E-29 and Part IV of Chapter 687 H.R.S, as amended, and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that the following timeshare interests shown below in Exhibit "A" will be foreclosed upon by the foreclosing agent, First American Title Insurance Company on behalf of KO’OLINA BEACH CLUB VACATION OWNER’S ASSOCIATION by sale of property secured thereby at public auction on 12/6/2017 at 12:00 p.m. at 415 South Beretania Street, Honolulu, HI 96813 (State Capitol, on the steps leading down towards the Queen Liliuokalani). Each of the properties to be sold is a Timeshare Interest at KO’OLINA BEACH CLUB established by certain Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions recorded on September 24, 2001 as Document No. 2739367 in the office of Conveyances, State of Hawaii and as amended and which property is located at 92-161 Waipahe Place, Kapolei, HI 96707. The Timeshare Interest as noted on the Notice of Lien for delinquent assessments, which has been filed against the record owner, consists of delinquent maintenance fees, (plus interest, late charges, and collection and enforcement costs). Each of the properties are to be sold as an undivided timeshare interest. There will be no open houses. Terms of the sale are: (1) No upset price. (2) Property sold without covenant or warranty, express or implied, as to the title possession or encumbrances; (3) At the close of the auction, Purchaser shall pay 10% of the highest successful bid price ("Bid") by certified, or cashier’s check to FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY as a non-refundable deposit; provided that the Association may submit a credit bid up to the amount of the secured indebtedness; (4) The property shall be conveyed by the Association’s quitclaim conveyance. Purchaser shall meet the following obligations: (a) Purchaser shall deliver a cashier’s check no later than 15 days after the auction, to escrow for the balance of the Bid; (b) Purchaser shall pay all closing costs including, but not limited to: costs of document drafting, notary fees, consent fees, escrow fees, conveyance tax, recordation fees and other charges, together with any special assessments which may arise under HRS 514B-146(g)(h)(i); (5) Purchaser shall provide the auctioneer with the selected names (vesting) and tenancy for title to the property at the conclusion of the auction; (6) Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining title insurance, if so desired, however, the availability of title or other insurance shall not be a condition of closing; (7) Time is of the essence in this transaction and any delay in performance by Purchaser which prevents the closing from occurring within 30 days after the auction shall cause the Association to sustain damages in amounts which will be difficult to ascertain. In the event the sale does not close because of any delay in performance by the Purchaser as herein stated, the 10% down payment may be retained by the Association as liquidated damages and not as a penalty; (8) If title is not conveyed to Purchaser for any reason, other than Purchaser’s failure to perform as specified herein, the Association’s sole responsibility shall be the return of the Bid funds tendered by Purchaser. The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the Association or its agents, attorneys, servicers and auctioneers; (9) The sale may be postponed from time to time by public announcement by the Association or someone acting on its behalf; (10) By submitting the Bid, Purchaser acknowledges reading the terms and conditions set forth in this notice and agrees to be bound thereby and sign a written acceptance of all terms herein. THE DEFAULTED AMOUNT DUE MAY BE CURED AND THE FORECLOSURE ACTION CEASED IF THE DEFAULTING PARTY PAYS ALL DELINQUENT AMOUNTS DUE PLUS ALL PENALTIES, INTEREST, AND COSTS OF THE FORECLOSURE ACTION UP TO THE DATE OF PAYMENT. SAID AMOUNTS DUE MUST BE PAID NO LATER THAN THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF SALE. THERE IS NO RIGHT TO CURE THE DEFAULT OR ANY RIGHT OF REDEMPTION AFTER THAT TIME. For further information regarding this sale, you must contact KO’OLINA BEACH CLUB VACATION OWNER’S ASSOCIATION c/o First American Title at 702-304-7509, 8am to 7:30 pm, (Eastern Time) Conductor of the public sale in the state of Hawaii: Aqua Legal, LLC. on behalf of, First American Title, agent for Claimant; Phone: (808) 539-7504; Address: 1132 Bishop Street, suite 1830, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Exhibit "A" Current Owner Ownership Interest No. Lien Document No. Lien Recordation Date HIDEO (NMN) SUZUKI and KII (NMN) SUZUKI and YURIKO (NMN) HAYASHI and SHUSAKU (NMN) SUZUKI KO*3030*39*B A-62820834 3/14/2017 TERUO MUTA and KIMIKO MUTA KO*5434*49*B A-56411298 6/12/2015 STANLEY LANCE NATHANSON and MERI-MICHELE NATHANSON KO*3127*30*X A-63040003 4/5/2017 MICHAEL JOSEPH FOLEY and ANNETTE RENEE FOLEY KO*0817*09*B A-63040002 4/5/2017 SHOHEI NAKA and YOSHIE NAKA and AKIKO NAKAGAWA and YOKO NAKA KO*5515*01*B A-63510581 5/22/2017 CHIZU IMAMURA KO*2222*23*X A-56410865 6/12/2015 STEVEN (NMN) STEINERMAN and ESTHER (NMN) STEINERMAN KO*0302*35*E A-63741269 6/14/2017 AKIHIKO HIGUCHI and YOSHIMI HIGUCHI KO*0428*37*E A-63741467 6/14/2017 REMEDIOS PAMINTUAN WALKER KO*0503*07*X A-63741286 6/14/2017 HELEN (NMN) MASON and VALORIE JOY BASHOR KO*0506*17*E A-63741277 6/14/2017 YOSHIFUMI TAKAISHI and NAOMI TAKAISHI KO*0506*24*X A-63670775 6/7/2017 SAMANTHA MARKERTSCHRECK, Trustee of the SAMANTHA MARKETSCHRECK SEPARATE PROPERTY 2003, TRUST UNDER INSTRUMENT DATED APRIL 8, 2003 KO*0522*12*B A-63741246 6/14/2017 RONALD S. SWIFT and DONNA CAROLE SWIFT KO*0603*44*B A-63741299 6/14/2017 KIHO UMEKAWA KO*0605*31*B A-63670864 6/7/2017 JOICHI MORIZONO and ISUZU MORIZONO KO*0613*07*B A-63670926 6/7/2017 JAMES MICHAEL FRISHKEY and JANICE LYNN FRISHKEY KO*0613*36*E A-63741294 6/14/2017 CAROL (NMN) LEE KO*0622*44*B A-63741258 6/14/2017 BARBARA Z. LEIBOLD, Trustee of the South Coast Mortgage Group, Inc., Defined Benefit Pension Plan dated January 1, 2003 and CHARLES R. LEIBOLD, Trustees of the South Coast Mortgage Group, Inc., Defined Benefit Pension Plan dated January 1, 2003 KO*0627*07*B A-63741630 6/14/2017 RANDY JOSEPH JASEN KO*0703*19*E A-63741305 6/14/2017 TERRANCE DEAN O’NEILL and TERESINA DANELL O’NEILL KO*0704*17*X A-63741278 6/14/2017 KEISHI ARAI KO*0717*42*B A-63670750 6/7/2017 JEFFREY P STOCKER and MICHELLE M STOCKER KO*0806*30*X A-63741304 6/14/2017 REBECCA M MARCIAL and GERARDO H MARCIAL KO*0817*19*E A-63741332 6/14/2017 THOMAS TUNG TRAN KO*0820*27*B A-63741369 6/14/2017 SHIGERU OGAWA and YOSHIKO OGAWA KO*0822*01*E A-63670907 6/7/2017 EDWIN LEE HARVEY, Trustee of the EDWIN LEE HARVEY LIVING TRUST DATED MARCH 13, 2000, ONE-HALF (1/2) INTEREST and SALLY KAY HARVEY, Trustees of the SALLY KAY HARVEY LIVING TRUST DATED MARCH 13, 2000, ONE-HALF (1/2) INTEREST KO*0906*02*B A-63741260 6/14/2017 YUKIKO (NMN) HASHIMOTO and DAISAKU (NMN) HASHIMOTO KO*0906*51*B A-63741429 6/14/2017 WILLIAM ISAAC WOODWARD and BETTY JEANNE WOODWARD KO*0911*47*B A-63741335 6/14/2017 CHRISTIAN R. ELNESS, Trustee of the ELNESS FAMILY TRUST DATED MAY 31, 1999 and CONSTANCE B. ELNESS, Trustees of the ELNESS FAMILY TRUST DATED MAY 31, 1999 KO*0912*29*X A-63741387 6/14/2017 MAKOTO SATO and YUMIKO SATO KO*1004*21*B A-63670774 6/7/2017 JULIE A. LEWIS, Trustee of the LEWIS FAMILY TRUST and KEVIN H. LEWIS KO*1004*46*B A-63670932 6/7/2017 KAZUTAKA SAKAUE and SHUMPEI SAKAUE and YOSUKE SAKAUE and MINAMI SAKAUE and TOSHIKO SAKAUE KO*1011*50*B A-63670828 6/7/2017 YOSHINARI (NMN) KIHARA and KEIKO (NMN) KIHARA KO*1012*44*B A-63741271 6/14/2017 TOSHIO SAKUMA and SHIHO SAKUMA KO*1014*03*B A-60120903 6/17/2016 HIROKI (NMN) NARA and AKEMI (NMN) NARA KO*1019*28*B A-63741268 6/14/2017 SAMANTHA MARKERTSCHRECK, Trustee of the SAMANTHA MARKERTSCHRECK SEPARATE PROPERTY 2003 TRUST, UNDER INSTRUMENT DATED APRIL 08, 2003 KO*1112*31*X A-63741280 6/14/2017 JOHN THOMAS MCGOLDRICK, Trustee of the JOHN THOMAS MCGOLDRICK AND JOY MATSUE MCGOLDRICK FAMILY TRUST DATED SEPTEMBER 25, 2002 and JOY MATSUE MCGOLDRICK, Trustees of the JOHN THOMAS MCGOLDRICK AND JOY MATSUE MCGOLDRICK FAMILY TRUST DATED SEPTEMBER 25, 2002 KO*1112*41*B A-63741276 6/14/2017 CURTIS FAYNE WILLIAMS and BETTY DEEN WILLIAMS KO*1206*45*X A-63741314 6/14/2017 ADRIAN JOHN BRINDLE and SUMIKO (NMN) BRINDLE KO*1212*01*B A-63741306 6/14/2017 ADRIAN JOHN BRINDLE and SUMIKO (NMN) BRINDLE KO*1212*51*B A-63741307 6/14/2017 MARICELA (NMN) GONZALEZ and GILDA GUADALUPE OCHOA KO*2123*13*X A-63741468 6/14/2017 JOHN LOUIS MCCORMICK and CANDICE IRENE MCCORMICK KO*2127*06*X A-63741463 6/14/2017 NOEL (NMN) FERRERAS and ELCIDITHA CORREA FERRERAS KO*2131*41*B A-63741443 6/14/2017 YOSHIKI (NMN) NAKAJIMA and YUKO (NMN) NAKAJIMA KO*2214*30*B A-63741385 6/14/2017 HARUO (NMN) SAITO and AYAKO (NMN) SAITO KO*2226*15*B A-63741489 6/14/2017 PATRICIA GOMEZ PRATT KO*2314*10*B A-63741437 6/14/2017 PATRICIA GOMEZ PRATT KO*2314*11*B A-63741438 6/14/2017 PATRICIA GOMEZ PRATT KO*2314*12*B A-63741439 6/14/2017 SUSAN LADON SCHEIBLER KO*2318*48*X A-63741491 6/14/2017 YURIKO ASABA KO*2322*24*X A-63741499 6/14/2017 JACINTO VILLEGAS PARAS and OLIVIA PERALTA PARAS KO*2403*19*X A-63741390 6/14/2017 AKIKO (NMN) IKEDA and KOICHIRO (NMN) IKEDA KO*2406*16*B A-63741402 6/14/2017 MARGARITA GOYENA DATUIN KO*2406*41*B A-63741400 6/14/2017 STEVEN (NMN) STEINERMAN and ESTHER (NMN) STEINERMAN KO*2411*01*E A-63741375 6/14/2017 TRACIE ELAINE HILES and LAVENDA VILLEGA HILES KO*2415*28*X A-63741394 6/14/2017 BECKY SUE ARIANA KO*2418*50*X A-63741506 6/14/2017 COLIN WILLIAM SCHMIDT and KATHERINE DIANE SCHMIDT KO*2419*33*B A-63741518 6/14/2017 DELLENIA VINIFERA KO*2427*23*X A-63670782 6/7/2017 MASANORI (NMN) KONAMI and MITSUKO (NMN) KONAMI KO*2502*16*B A-63741409 6/14/2017 KAORU TSUNEOKA and KAORI TSUNEOKA KO*2506*29*B A-63670823 6/7/2017 KAORU TSUNEOKA and KAORI TSUNEOKA KO*2506*30*B A-63670824 6/7/2017 KAREN LEE EVEN KO*2507*35*X A-63741410 6/14/2017 MITSUNOBU TSUCHIYA and MIHO TSUCHIYA KO*2523*37*E A-63741542 6/14/2017 LETICIA PATRICIA CALISTRO and DANIEL CALISTRO KO*2523*48*E A-63741544 6/14/2017 MARK DAVID HALL and CHERYL ANN HALL KO*2603*15*X A-63741418 6/14/2017 LANCE KEVIN LOCHER and RHONDA BRITT LOCHER KO*2603*24*B A-63741401 6/14/2017 KEISHI SAKAMOTO and TOMOKO SAKAMOTO KO*2607*18*E A-63741609 6/14/2017 BRIAN JOSEPH ORLANDO KO*2703*05*E A-63741404 6/14/2017 BECKY SUE ARIANA KO*2710*06*E A-63741419 6/14/2017 KIYOSHI INOUE and ITSUKO INOUE KO*2726*06*X A-63741575 6/14/2017 JOHN JACOB INGWERSEN and CHRISTINA MARIE INGWERSEN KO*2802*30*B A-63741426 6/14/2017 HIDEO KAGIYA and EIKO KAGIYA and MIKA KAGIYA KO*2803*16*B A-63670855 6/7/2017 JEFF DAVID HANCOCK and LYNN MARIE HANCOCK KO*2806*42*E A-63741427 6/14/2017 AMERICAN RESORT CLUB, INC., DULY ORGANIZED AND EXISTING UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA KO*2811*12*X A-63741237 6/14/2017 YUKI JOJIMA and RISA JOJIMA KO*2906*12*X A-63670713 6/7/2017 SEIJI (NMN) AOYAGI and KEIJI (NMN) AOYAGI and MICHIKO (NMN) AOYAGI KO*2911*48*B A-63741452 6/14/2017 SHUJI HARA and AKIKO HARA KO*2926*04*B A-63670884 6/7/2017 MARICELA (NMN) GONZALEZ and GILDA GUADALUPE OCHOA KO*3011*26*E A-63741331 6/14/2017 HELEN (NMN) MASON and VALORIE JOY BASHOR KO*3015*16*X A-63741338 6/14/2017 MAXIMA P. MILLER and MATTHEW MILLER KO*3019*42*X A-63741472 6/14/2017 TOGO MURAKAMI and HIROKO MURAKAMI KO*3027*19*E A-63670797 6/7/2017 WADE CALEB HIGGS and SANDRA WRIGHT HIGGS KO*3106*40*B A-63741356 6/14/2017 RALPH KEN KOBAYASHI and GRACE YEIKO KOBAYASHI KO*3107*02*B A-63741324 6/14/2017 AKINOBU TAKEUCHI and MAYUMI TAKEUCHI KO*3119*28*E A-63670788 6/7/2017 NAOKO MATSUI KO*3123*49*X A-63670919 6/7/2017 SATOSHI HIGASHI and YUKO HIGASHI KO*3127*20*B A-63670867 6/7/2017 TAMARA JEAN GORDY KO*3127*24*E A-63741475 6/14/2017 RALPH PAUL ARRIGO and EVELYN LESLIE ARRIGO KO*3211*49*X A-63741373 6/14/2017 MARK ALAN CARTER and KATHLEEN MARIE CARTER KO*3215*09*B A-63741337 6/14/2017 RANDY JOSEPH JASEN KO*3215*30*X A-63741368 6/14/2017 RALPH KEN KOBAYASHI and GRACE YEIKO KOBAYASHI KO*3219*37*E A-63741482 6/14/2017 YURIKO ASABA KO*3223*26*E A-63741500 6/14/2017 YOSHIKI (NMN) NAKAJIMA and YUKO (NMN) NAKAJIMA KO*3226*13*B A-63741450 6/14/2017 KATSUHITO (NMN) TANABE and SATOMI (NMN) TANABE KO*3226*16*B A-63741461 6/14/2017 JOHN TRAVIS WARE and ELVIE VALENCIA AQUINO WARE KO*3411*41*X A-63741470 6/14/2017 ATSUSHI YAMAMASU and HITOMI YAMAMASU aka HITOMI YAMAMSU KO*3426*09*E A-63670931 6/7/2017 RALPH KEN KOBAYASHI and GRACE YEIKO KOBAYASHI KO*3519*20*X A-63741483 6/14/2017 SATOSHI HIGASHI and YUKO HIGASHI KO*3519*24*E A-63670815 6/7/2017 HIROAKI TAKIGUCHI and TAKEKO TAKIGUCHI KO*3519*38*E A-63670868 6/7/2017 MICHELE JOHNSON KO*3519*48*E A-63741516 6/14/2017 KAORU TSUNEOKA and KAORI TSUNEOKA KO*3526*11*B A-63670918 6/7/2017 EDWARD RIVERA REYES and CAROLYN DE PANO REYES KO*3615*16*B A-63741381 6/14/2017 HARUO SAITO and AYAKO SAITO, KO*3619*07*X A-63741551 6/14/2017 YVONNE NORMA LEIHUANANI YAMAGUCHI-GLORY KO*4214*10*E A-63670682 6/7/2017 MEGUMI MOTOMURA KO*4227*15*X A-63670847 6/7/2017 KOSAKU MASUDA and YAEKO MASUDA KO*4230*30*E A-63670902 6/7/2017 HIDEAKI ITOH and KAORI ITOH KO*4234*04*X A-63670846 6/7/2017 MASAAKI YAMAMOTO and MAKIKO YAMAMOTO KO*4234*19*X A-63670857 6/7/2017 MINEO KODAMA and TSUYOSHI KODAMA and TADASHI KODAMA and YUKIE KODAMA KO*4238*47*B A-63670861 6/7/2017 TETSURO ITO and HIROMI ITO KO*4242*06*X A-63670840 6/7/2017 HISAHARU ARAI KO*4242*14*B A-63670827 6/7/2017 HIDEO KOBAYASHI and AKI KOBAYASHI KO*4242*45*E A-63670838 6/7/2017 TAKASHI MINO and MANAMI MINO KO*4311*17*E A-63670695 6/7/2017 ROBERT EARL HANDLOFF and DONNA DALE LEWIS KO*4319*23*X A-63670693 6/7/2017 ROBERT EARL HANDLOFF and DONNA DALE LEWIS KO*4319*24*X A-63670694 6/7/2017 MASANORI SHIMADA and EIKO SHIMADA KO*4323*18*E A-63670877 6/7/2017 KAYO TANAKA and MISUZU MATSUO KO*4327*30*X A-63670886 6/7/2017 KUN YOU KO*4327*34*X A-63670921 6/7/2017 HIDEKI MATSUYAMA and KOKORO MATSUYAMA KO*4330*04*E A-63741196 6/14/2017 MARIKO SAKURAI and AYAMI SAKURAI KO*4330*34*B A-63741187 6/14/2017 MICHIYUKI WAKAMATSU KO*4338*45*B A-63670913 6/7/2017 NOBUYUKI AOKI and NOZOMI AOKI KO*4406*21*E A-63670710 6/7/2017 VINESH GUPTA and ANJALI TYAGI KO*4419*13*B A-63670706 6/7/2017 HARUYOSHI KUBO and FUMIKO MATSUOKA KO*4438*01*E A-63670844 6/7/2017 YOSHIMASA UI and FUMIKO UI KO*4502*31*X A-63670720 6/7/2017 FIRST HERO ASSETS LIMITED, A BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS CORPORATION KO*4510*52*B A-63741588 6/14/2017 JUN OZEKI KO*4514*40*X A-63670724 6/7/2017 YOICHI IMAMURA and HIROKO IMAMURA KO*4527*19*E A-63741193 6/14/2017 HIROYUKI TAKEUCHI and OKJA LEE KO*4527*20*E A-63741194 6/14/2017 YOSHIAKI MINAMI and YUMIKO MINAMI KO*4527*37*E A-63741204 6/14/2017 JUNICHI MAEDA and EIKO MAEDA KO*4538*07*X A-63670899 6/7/2017 MITSUHIRO HARAGUCHI and AYAKA HARAGUCHI and SHO HARAGUCHI and MAYUMI HARAGUCHI KO*4542*24*X A-63741234 6/14/2017 YUZO NAKAMURA and KANAE NAKAMURA KO*4606*21*B A-63670734 6/7/2017 ETSUO NAGASHIMA KO*4607*24*B A-63670745 6/7/2017 YUKA NAKAMURA KO*4611*35*E A-63670744 6/7/2017 RU ZHANG KO*4614*46*B A-63670729 6/7/2017 MASATO NAGATA and JUNKO NAGATA and MIZUHO NAGATA and SHIMPEI SHIMADA and KOZUMI NAGATA KO*4703*22*E A-63670746 6/7/2017 SADAFUMI SUZUKI KO*4703*48*B A-63670753 6/7/2017 KAZUHIKO MOMMA and KIMIKO MOMMA KO*4810*20*B A-63670737 6/7/2017 SHUICHI TAJIMA and MITSUE TAJIMA and CHIHIRO AKANE and CHIHARU YOSHIDA KO*4906*22*E A-63670751 6/7/2017 NORIMITSU MASE and HANAE MASE KO*4911*27*E A-63670761 6/7/2017 CAROL LYNETTE ASBURY-WILLIAMS KO*5007*01*X A-63670707 6/7/2017 DELLENIA VINIFERA KO*5007*04*E A-63670783 6/7/2017 CLAUDETTE ARLENE MITCHEL KO*5011*13*B A-63741552 6/14/2017 YASUHIRO SAKAKURA and MADOKA SAKAKURA KO*5111*34*E A-63741620 6/14/2017 First Force Co., Ltd., a Japan Corporation KO*5115*28*B A-63670893 6/7/2017 TOSHIKAZU NAMBU and HIDEKO NAMBU KO*5210*21*B A-63670905 6/7/2017 CHINGCHU HUANG and CHAO PEI CHEN KO*5211*17*E A-63741637 6/14/2017 NOBORU TSUME and TOMOKO TSUME KO*5222*08*X A-63670756 6/7/2017 JURO MANABE and KUMIKO MANABE KO*5223*46*X A-63670786 6/7/2017 SUSUMU YAMAUCHI and KYOKO MIMITSUKA KO*5230*30*B A-63670806 6/7/2017 EIICHI WAGURI and MASAKO WAGURI KO*5422*14*E A-63670803 6/7/2017 SHIGERU KAGEYAMA and SEIKO KAGEYAMA KO*5423*26*X A-63670836 6/7/2017 YOSHIHITO NAKAJIMA and YOKO NAKAJIMA KO*5427*44*X A-63670796 6/7/2017 KUNIO MIYAZAKI and CHIEKO MIYAZAKI KO*5434*02*X A-63670814 6/7/2017 HIDEKI ASAGARASU and HISAE ASAGARASU KO*5434*03*E A-63670785 6/7/2017 MITSUSHIRO OKAZAKI and MIYUKI OKAZAKI KO*5515*28*E A-63670678 6/7/2017 MICHELLE HAUNANI KAEA-COOK KO*5515*44*E A-63741612 6/14/2017 ARTURO RAMOS and MARIA LUCIA RAMOS KO*2330*22*X A-64010145 7/11/2017 FEI # 1081.00873 11/08/2017, 11/15/2017, 11/22/2017 (SA1045228 11/8, 11/15, 11/22/17)