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Funeral Notices

RETA MARY HELEN POZZI Feb 23, 1936 – Sept 6, 2017 Reta Mary Helen Pozzi, 81, of Honolulu, passed away peacefully at home on September 6, 2017. Reta was born February 23, 1936, in Manitoba, Canada. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Edward Robinson. Reta and her siblings were homeschooled by her mother. At the age of sixteen, Reta began studying nursing at a hospital near her home. She later studied in Victoria, Canada where she learned advanced nursing techniques including surgical and intensive care nursing. Early in her career, Reta worked as an operating room nurse at Queen’s Hospital, in Honolulu, Hawaii. There, she cared for patients and taught student nurses. In 1972, Reta was selected to develop the Mobile Intensive Care Technician training program for the state of Hawaii. She created the MICT training program and was the first Mobile Intensive Care instructor in the state. She wrote the textbook, A Manual of Medical Information for Mobile Intensive Care Technicians, which was published in 1981. Reta taught classes of MICTs for over a decade. She taught in the classroom and in the field, often riding in ambulances with her students to support them while they learned. Her students remember her as a perfectionist who cared deeply about them and brought out their best. Long after their graduations, many of her MICT students affectionately called her, "Mother". Because of her teaching and advocacy, Honolulu Emergency Medical Services grew and improved, and many lives were saved. Her students honor her legacy by continuing her work. On June 24, 1961, Reta married Luigi Pozzi. Together for fifty-two years of loving marriage, they enjoyed sailing, cooking and traveling. Reta and Luigi had three godchildren and seven grand-godchildren. Both Reta and Luigi were wonderful, caring godparents who doted on their godchildren and filled their lives with love, nurture, and support. Reta lived an admirable life filled with friendship, travel, teaching, and service to others. She was preceded in death by her parents and by her husband. She is remembered with love by many: her godchildren, Rob Adams, Felicity Adams, and Kirk Ferguson, her dear friends, and her students. Memories of Reta are a blessing treasured by her family and friends.