The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001029649-01
Abandoned Property

Legal / Public Notice / Tow Lien Notice is hereby given that the following listed vehicles, after being towed and unclaimed pursuant to Chapter 290-11, Hawaii Revised Statutes, will be either disposed of or sold at Ace Towing Service, 1040 Makepono Street, S.I. Disposal date will be: October 09, 2017. JPU118 AMG 1UTCF10F8ES293011, TCB398 BMW WBAAM5347YEJ42359, SDY752 DODGE 3C4PDCBG4ET133899, RWN331 MAZDA JM1NA3512M1212923, SFZ220 TOYOTA JT2AE09W8P0044635, SFN253 CHEVROLET 2G1WF52E049113207, RJG700 VOLKSWAGEN 3VWCC21V6YM806506, FTA374 MAZDA J2UF3131L0881074, JYW611 DODGE 1D4HR48Z13F519257, NCE100 HONDA 2HKRL18671H549244, RWY944 NISSAN JN8AZ08W13W226699, HWA327 NISSAN JN1CA21D6ST002007, GBG965 CHEVROLET 1GNDM19W2SB145025, SNR439 CHEVROLET 2G1FA1E38D9167582, 154XNR HONDA 1HFSC144XFA100554, DG347 ACURA JH4DB76571S001352, GRP933 HONDA 1HGEJ6677VL026936, SBZ700 ACURA JH4DC54823S002653, RYS080 HONDA 2HKRL18541H504026, DC615 NISSAN 1N4BL11D95C222832, SYV160 TOYOTA 1NXBR32E73Z099658. (SA1029649 9/28/17)