The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001016271-01
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LEU OKUDA & DOI ATTORNEYS AT LAW KARYN A. DOI 7687 The Merchant House 222 Merchant Street, Main Floor Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Telephone No. (808) 538-1921 Facsimile No. (808) 523-9585 Attorneys for Petitioner REVERSE MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS, INC. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST CIRCUIT STATE OF HAWAII IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE ) P. NO. 11-1-0400 ) (Special Administration) OF ) ORDER SETTING DATE, TIME, ) AND PLACE OF HEARING YOSHIKO NISHIKAWA, also known ) PETITION TO RENEW AND MODIFY as DOROTHY YOSHIKO NISHIKAWA ) LETTERS OF SPECIAL ) ADMINISTRATION Deceased. ) __________________________ ) ORDER SETTING DATE, TIME, AND PLACE OF HEARING PETITION TO RENEW AND MODIFY LETTERS OF SPECIAL ADMINISTRATION The Petition of REVERSE MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS, INC. to Renew and Modify the Letters of Special Administration having been filed: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT said petition shall be heard on September 28, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. a.m. in the courtroom of the Judge of the above-entitled Court at 777 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, HI 96813. That Petitioner gives notice of the hearing in the manner prescribed in H.R.S. §560:1-401 to the persons enumerated in H.R.S. §560:3-403 and upon payment by the demandant of the cost of reproducing copies, to any additional person who has filed a demand for notice under H.R.S. §560:3-204. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that pursuant to Hawaii Probate Rule 10(c), any party wishing to object or respond to the Petition shall file such objection or response with the Court and serve it upon all interested persons within 30 days of service of this Petition and Notice of Hearing. DATED: Honolulu, Hawaii, July 27, 2017. R. So (seal) Clerk of the above-entitled Court (SA1016271 8/8, 8/15, 8/22/17)