Mar 21(1.) To the present beneficiary of that certain Deed of Trust Dated June 21, 2005 and recorded with the Kona Hawaii Office of the Bureau of Conveyances under instrument NO. 3750-041-039 concerning property address 75-6108 Kipehi Place, Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740. If you are the beneficiary with provalbe chain of title and have in your possession the Original Notice and Deed of Trust, notify Albert Maxwell Goldberg at 1169 Shelburn Ln, Ventura, California 93001. (SA1183510 3/21/19) (End Date: Mar 27) (p1)
Mar 20(2.) BURIAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that ASH in association with Atlas Archaeology of POB 1368, Wailuku, Hi, 96793 has identified a Native Hawaiian burial site along Waine`e St. at TMK: (2) 4-6-006:017 por., Paunau ahupua`a, Lahaina District, Island of Maui. The burial site is located within a portion of LCA 4878 I:3 to Kupali`i. Portions of other LCA or Grants associated with the project area include LCA6207 to Kahaka, LCA 5484:4 to Manu, LCA6874 to Kahuena and GR725:1 to Namau`u. The burial site will be preserved in place and we are consulting with a recognized cultural descendant for the (...) (End Date: Mar 26) (p1)