Notice #: 0001218356-01
Abandoned Property

Legal / Public Notice / Tow Lien
Notice is hereby given that the following listed vehicles, after being towed and unclaimed pursuant to Chapter 290-11, Hawaii Revised Statutes, will be either disposed of or sold at Ace Towing Service, 1040 Makepono Street, S.I. Disposal date will be: August 19, 2019. SVA407 GMC 1GTCS19W228153410, SZX377 CHEVROLET 1G1ZJ5SU3GF351941, A03031 ZHONGNENG (MOPED) L5YACBPA5E1139699, RVZ567 VOLKSWAGEN WVWAK73CX6P088357, 296XGG KAWASAKI JKBVNCA123B511658, TTF724 KIA KNAFE121X65326663, TDJ235 TOYOTA JT2BF22K9V0082232, HEE021 FORD 1FMYU60E31UC15612, JRY970 VOLVO YV1SW61R612074093, SYJ986 TOYOTA 4T1BE46K57U561755, SNA818 CHEVROLET 1GNDX13E12D206697, PCF358 CHEVROLET 1GNDM19W2TB142157, PXU998 HONDA 1HGEJ8245YL067738, SFE469 HONDA 1HGFA165X7L132452, TRW896 TOYOTA JTDBE30K040293224, 4N0L121 (CA) LEXUS JT8BD69S310123022, SBB663 HONDA 2HGES16504H526592.
(SA1218356 8/9/19)