Notice #: 0001121077-01
Abandoned Property

Legal / Public Notice / Tow Lien
Notice is hereby given that the following listed vehicles, after being towed and unclaimed pursuant to Chapter 290-11, Hawaii Revised Statutes, will be either disposed of or sold at Ace Towing Service, 1040 Makepono Street, S.I. Disposal date will be: August 18, 2018. NJF815 CHEVROLET 2G1FP32K6T2134609, NPV967 BMW WBAET37404NJ80948, SZB353 SAAB YS3FB79N756009111, STF987 TOYOTA JT2BG22KXX0298848, SFZ614 ISUZU 4S2CK58W14360641, JSN385 VOLKSWAGEN 3VWDD21C71M450279, PRT664 LEXUS JT8BF12G4T0178665, NPR339 TOYOTA JTEGP21A240030695, RGF589 ACURA 19UUA66255A007524, W70709 ZHONGNENG (MOPED) L5YACBPA6D1133764, SGR097 RANGE ROVER SALVT2BG6EH947449, SFG692 HONDA 5FNRL18014B022797, SSP186 FORD 1FTYR10D42PB39818, NRV223 SATURN 5GZCZ23D84S881097, LAC931 MAZDA JM1CR293090336420, NXZ726 HONDA 1HGCG1658WA070769.
(SA1121077 8/8/18)